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​​BALLISTOL - The World’s most Universal Multi-Purpose Oil for Households, Workshops & ​Industry based on medicinally pure white oil used in the field of pharmacy.

  • The World’s Most Universal Multi-Purpose Oil for Households, Workshops & Industry, Based on Medicinally Pure White Oil to Lubricate, Penetrate, Clean, Protect & Preserve
  • In 1904 the new oil with amazing capabilities was produced and named BALLISTOL from the word ‘Ballistic’ & the Latin word for oil ‘Oleum’
  • Word soon spread and BALLISTOL was soon used by hunters, boaters, motorists, hikers & mountaineers in Germany, Austria & Switzerland
  • The Universal Oil is now used worldwide for maintaining metal, wood, leather, rubber, synthetic material, skin, animal’s coat & much more
  • Now used in Households, Workshops & Industry for Handicrafts, Agriculture, Gardening, Vehicles, Fishing, Hunting and Shooting Sports etc
  • BALLISTOL is biodegradable, neither it’s use or its disposal will pollute air or water
  • BALLISTOL is used to clean, preserve, protect, prevent corrosion, maintain, impregnate and disinfect
  • BALLISTOL does not resinify unlike most other lubricants which are subject to relatively fast aging and oxidation
  • BALLISTOL H1 Food Grade Lubricant is used to maintain the machinery of famous food & drinks manufacturers & breweries across Europe.





  • Universal Oil
  • Weapon Care
  • Technical Care
  • Animal Care
  • Insect Protection
  • Neo Ballistol

Ballistol UK